Our Story

Crazy how life’s journey leads you to unexpected awesomeness!  We hinted here and there that we should open a salon, one that would encompass all the wonderful things that a salon should have. We bantered ideas back and forth for almost a year. We looked at a couple of spaces that were available but never moved on them…

Then fate stepped in…We needed to create our vision.

The day after realizing that we must move forward on opening a salon, a ginormous FOR LEASE sign went up in Old Town Sherwood. Oh my gosh, the perfect location.  Without hesitation we signed a lease and within Seven quick and delirious weeks we were open for business. It’s crazy how everything just worked out so perfectly,don’t get me wrong, there were obstacles to overcome; seriously though, I’ve owned businesses before and this whole endeavor seemed to take on it’s own energy that paced it through to a phenomenal finish.

Hello, my name is Hali and my partner is Elaine.  We created a salon that is luxurious and functional. Our main goal was to create a place that oozed postive energy and fun. We want our clients to feel like smiling when they walk in the door and feel fabulous when they leave; we really wanted a place that our professionals love to work, where they can focus on their creativity and grow in their passion for the industry.  Elaine and I feel very fortunate; we have succeeded in creating the salon we wanted…
Where LUXURY meets FUN making YOU feel FABULOUS. 




Please join us each month for our Open House style parties in our salon.  Each party feature exciting things women love like handbags and the latest fashions. Hors d’oeuvres and beverages served!


Thank you for joining us for these fun events!




We are committed to our community and consistently look for opportunities to support local charities/organizations and events.

where LUXURY meets FUN making YOU feel FABULOUS